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05 oktober 2016 av Emma Vikström

Since I’m all about Instagram and that’s my favorite social media, I thought that I was gonna tell you which Instagrammers are my favorites and perhaps you’ll find some one new and inspiring account to follow!


  1. @Sonjdradeluxe– I think she’s a Youtuber and she is STUNNING! Her makeup pictures are super professional and she always creates different kind of wearable looks. So if I don’t know what kind of look I would like to go for, I always scroll through her feed on Instagram.


  2. @thecutestberry– A girl who creates beautiful, clean and unique eye looks, especially her eye liner looks. She is so clever to mix in colors in her looks and still keeping them very elegant och sophisticated. I have got a lot of inspiration from her.


  3. @angela_cuneo– She creates so cool, fun and creative looks. If I feel uninspired to do a closeup look to my Instagram, I always scroll through her feed and every time her feed fills me upp with so much inspiration! She is so freakin talented!


  4. @khindahawari– This girl is always killing it with her full face looks and her eyes are just to die for. Like Sonjdra Deluxe, Khinda creates beautiful wearable looks. I can find it hard to do different kind of wearable looks, I always get stuck with brown smokey eye and nude lips. So Khinda inspires me to reach out of my comfort zone.


  5. @makeupbytaren– I think she’s the first MUA I started to follow from my Instagram account, and she has inspired me so much with her beautiful closeup pictures. Her photos are so clean and perfect.
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